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FX Leaders Account Premium
Non perdere più un trade!

  • Avvisi di segnale in tempo reale direttamente sul tuo telefono cellulare ed e-mail
  • Ricevi importanti avvisi sugli eventi economici 30 minuti prima dell'inizio dell'evento
  • Pieno accesso ai report sulle prestazioni dei segnali storici di FX Leaders
  • Prezzo di ingresso per segnali di trading
Mobile Alerts
Email Alerts
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24x5 Technical Support
Mobile Alerts
Email Alerts
Signals Entry Price
Signals Reports
24x5 Technical Support
"Well since the day I have been checking and copying your signals I found it 90% profitable, because of the time difference I follow your signals only 4 hours a day but it's more than enough :) Thank you fx leaders, you really proved yourself the market leaders or I would say for me fx market champions :)"
Usman Qureshi, Sweden
"I have been trading your signals and so far have lost only one trade. I could not believe that someone was giving away free signals that actually worked! I thought there had to be a catch, but to my amazement they do work and for the first time I will more than likely open up a real account because of you. Keep up the good work."
Frank Karlini, Canada
Receive immediate Signal alerts to your mobile phone every time a signal is opened, closed or updated. Calendar event alerts are sent 30 minutes before the event begins.
Real-time emails notifications every time a signal is opened, closed or updated. Keeping the signals page opened will allow you to hear a desktop sound alert. 30 minutes before every important Calendar event you will receive an email.
Get access to the full FX Leaders performance reports going back years. Filter reports by periods, pairs, instruments, winners, longs, shorts, etc.
Get more out of every trade, see the entry price for every signal.


We compared the trading results of our community members holding regular accounts
and Premium Accounts, over the last 4 months (using a test-group of 20 traders).
The results clearly show:
Premium Account holders succeed to follow more Forex signals,
and manage to achieve better performance!!!
Premium Account holders open twice as many trades because
they miss fewer signals (they get mobile and email alerts,
and hear a unique sound each time a new signal is opened).
Premium account holders get instant sound alerts and
email notifications whenever a new signal is opened,
closed or updated, allowing them to react faster by
opening and closing trades at the best possible time.
Due to the speed in which Premium members react to
new trades they close twice as many trades.